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Physical Therapy Near Me – Part 2 of 3

by Dr. Erin Carr, September 7, 2015

Many people ask “How Can I Find The Best Physical Therapy Near Me”  (Part 2 of 3)

2) “Physical Therapy Near Me?” – What To Look For

Through multiple years of real world experience, I have found most of the best physical therapists focus on hands on physical therapy. This is not massage or chiropractic adjustment. But instead are in depth expert hands on physical therapy healing methods supported by physical science and proven healing results. The expert hands on methods can help your body find balance and enhance its healing processes. Utilizing these types of hands on physical therapy methods along with teaching patients exercises that the patient can do in their own home or environment is essential to optimal healing. Physical therapy gyms and exercise machines, and other electronic healing stimulators may or may not be helpful. But they are an afterthought to what, in our opinion, is most important in the healing process.

If a patient only receives basic PT exercises, from their physical therapist, without the expert hands on treatment component. We have found that the healing process results are incomplete. Many of our Los Angeles  home physical therapy patients as well my Santa Monica clinic patients find their way to our physical therapists after having already spent significant amounts of time with other physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. But none of the practitioners were able to get the patient to a better level of healing long term. And the patient is still dealing with the similar pain or injury that they started with.

In order to help you answer the question “How can I find the best physical therapy near me” here some tips of what to look for:

-Look for a physical therapist who offers advanced hands on healing methods during the physical therapy treatments.

-Look for online reviews of physical therapists, where the reviewer had a more complex difficult injury. (Not just back pain, neck, or knee pain or recent injury trauma) But a more complex long term injury that the patient has been dealing with for years. And read the review to see how well the physical therapist was able to handle that patient’s recovery. (Sometimes these types of reviews can be hard to find, but when you do come across them, it can be a good sign)

-Look at the bad reviews, if you are considering a particular physical therapist near you, make sure to read through both the good and bad reviews they may have. See if the therapist responded to any bad reviews. And decide for yourself if the particular situation is something you need to keep in mind in your decision.

-Look at how the physical therapy clinic’s website is comprised. Does the website’s design look original, honest, and unique? Or does it look very similar, with the same generic themes, as other PT websites you have researched near you. Does the website take the time to offer more personable interesting in depth important intelligent information that goes above and beyond the general similar text you find on other PT websites? Does it offer more advanced information about its healing methods that will be useful to all types of prospective patients? Do the physical therapists’ bios sound impressive? Does the website offer clear explanations as to what healing methods will be used with the physical therapists and how the time of each physical therapy appointment will be spent?

-Look beyond the 1st page of search results. Whether you Google “physical therapy near me” or “physical therapy” in your area. There are many great physical therapists that do not show up on the 1st page of online search results. This has nothing to do with how good of a physical therapist they are and everything to do with how good there search engine optimization is. It can be helpful to look at the 1st 3 pages of search results at least. Or even maybe a few more pages of search results in order to gain a greater understanding of the physical therapy options in your town.

-When you have narrowed down your selection to your top few choices. And you think you may have answered your question “How can I find the best physical therapy near me?” Look at the physical therapy clinic and or physical therapist in person.

Or talk to them over the phone before finalizing your decision. Approach the clinic or individual physical therapist and ask if you can talk to them (an actual physical therapist from the clinic, not a receptionist) in person. This will give you a much better understanding of whom you will be dealing with for your healing process. And if it feels right for your situation. For instance at Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy, I offer free 30 minute consultations directly with me for any new potential patients. We offer this complimentary consultation service to both our Santa Monica Physical Therapy Clinic potential patients, as well as, our potential patients seeking home care physical therapy from our team of expert home therapists. We have found that the free 30-minute consultation is a great way to get to know people and start a trusted relationship from the very 1st phone call. I believe that a one on one patient practitioner relationship is very important for optimal healing. Our patients never get passed around to several different people in the clinic. The patient’s spend 100 percent of their treatment time directly with their personal physical therapist when employing our services.


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Dr. Erin Carr is owner and head practitioner of Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy. She has been featured in Malibu Times Magazine as a “Local Specialist”. Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy’s therapists offer in office visits from our clinic in Santa Monica. As well as off site home physical therapy for patients throughout many areas of Los Angeles, CA.

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