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Physical Therapy Reviews Highlights

Grace (Film Producer)
"After the first treatment, I felt eighty percent better..."
Michael (Actor)
"Since working with Erin I have had absolutely no pain, tightness, or cramping..."

Vardan (Cellist)
"My experience with Dr. Carr was fantastic..."
Kasey (Homemaker)
"Dr. Carr instictively knows what to do, when I come to her with a problem, and takes care of it quickly..."

Karen (Graphic Designer)
"One of the best healthcare providers I have ever known..."
Dianne (Mother)
"Erin works her therapy below the surface..."

John (Retired Veteran)
"The initial rapport was tremendous and the applied therapy brought practically instantaneous pain relief and results ..."
Judy (Retired Nurse)
"I owe my successful recovery to Dr. Carr!! Though the therapy for post rotator cuff surgery is long and painful, Erin was always guiding and ecouraging me..."