The Whole Body Approach

Our methods are firmly built On the belief that

Your Body Should Work In Perfect Unison...

with all its inner systems working as a whole. These systems are interwoven by fascial networks surrounding and connecting structures like muscles, joints, nerves, arteries, and viscera (organs).

Residual scar tissue build-up from old injuries, surgeries, trauma and repetitive motions (i.e., work, driving, sports) disrupt the balance of your body's inner networks and can have a destructive effect on different parts of the body. As a result the scar tissue, whether large or small, affects your overall function and health, magnifying pain and injury.

When a new injury occurs or an old injury resurfaces if not properly treated, it can cause an interruption of smooth function in that structure, which may create an unhealthy domino effect on the other structures of our body. Thus, for the most effective healing treatments it is important to assess any injury from a "Whole Body" point of view. This Whole Body workflow allows us to discover and treat the involved systems necessary to help the body heal and restore its inner equilibrium.

The Whole Body natural method is a

Multi-Faceted Approach To Healing

We focus on treating the cause in order to relieve the symptoms. This begins with an in depth evaluation to establish how the injury interacts with your body.

Once we have a concrete understanding of the source and its overall effects, we will devise a specialized unique physical therapy treatment designed specifically to help accelerate your body's natural ability to heal the injury on its own. With our help, your path out of injury or recurring pain can transform into the road of healing and feeling better.

Contact Dr. Carr for a Free 30-minute Consultation

Contact Dr. Carr for a Free 30-minute Consultation