The Six Pillars of Health

Prior to your initial visit, please fill out our online intake form, downloadable here. The intake form helps you to describe your current injury as well as your previous medical history and physical health giving us an understanding of your injury, its effects on your life and how to serve you better. This will ensure the whole hour is dedicated to your evaluation and treatment.

A full 1-hour evaluation will comprise of a comprehensive review of past and current medical history as well as reasons for seeking physical therapy to determine your goals. You will also perform a variety of functional movements along with specific tests and measures assessing your muscles, joints, nerves and viscera. During the same session, following the evaluation you will receive your first treatment based on the primary findings.

Follow-up sessions will last 1 hour. Each session will be specific to your needs as your symptoms and body changes, improves and restores itself. Treatment sessions encompass an integration of whole-body hands on techniques with specific functional exercises. Please come in comfortable loose clothing ready to participate in stretching, strengthening and balance exercises specifically designed to help restore your maximum potential.

This is an interactive experience. We help you to help yourself get better. Communication is key, maximizing our time together to focus on the appropriate areas to continue progression toward healing. Regular updates on your progress will be communicated to your referring physician.

Between visits, you should experience changes within days including a decrease in intensity or frequency of pain. It is also important to maintain your home exercises. Within weeks you will experience improved strength and flexibility. Over time, as your body heals, you will receive a more advanced exercise routine to further your recovery.

How you interact within your external day-to-day environment may be a contributing factor to a slow recovery. The causes may be related to improper body mechanics while gardening, playing a sport, or sitting at your computer to name a few. As our final pillar of healing, an off-site evaluation is recommended to provide residential or workplace suggestions and modifications in addition to your already customized home program.