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by Dr. Erin Carr, July 2, 2016

Dr Carr Integrative Physical Therapy, is excited to announce starting today, July 1, we are providing in office physical therapy services in our new location!

We remain in the heart of downtown Santa Monica on 7th street, between Wilshire and Arizona. Our philosophy stands strong in our newly upgraded facility. Providing a tranquil, unique integrative physical therapy experience in a healing environment where we offer high quality treatment and top of the line customer service. We will continue to provide distraction free one on one hour-long sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy every session. There is free onsite parking at our new location specifically for patients while spending their hour at Dr Carr Integrative Physical Therapy.


We remain committed to our patients, their families and doctors.


We will also continue offering in home physical therapy services thanks to our growing and dedicated team of Doctors of Physical Therapy. We will continue to service the Westside, South Bay, and Long Beach areas. We will also be adding Pasadena starting in September. With our growing team we can bring the Dr Carr Integrative Physical Therapy experience to you in the comforts of your own home, avoiding the ever growing L.A. traffic jam.

There will be changes to our website, www.erincarrpt.com,  over the next several weeks. Please check for updated photos of our new office, expanding home visit locations, our blog, yelp reviews and many physical therapy services.

Thank you for your support over the years.


We look forward to providing many more years of top-notch physical therapy services in our enhanced new office or at your doorstep.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the Dr Carr Integrative Physical Therapy experience, who we treat, what we treat, in office or in home services.


New office location:

Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy Inc.

1238 7th Street

Suite B

Santa Monica




The Dr. Carr Integrative Physical Therapy Family

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